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#LongSoCal! Neal Bloom on building a connected SoCal startup ecosystem

Episode Summary

#LongSoCal! In this episode, Neal Bloom breaks down his experience and perspective on building a well-connected SoCal startup ecosystem.

Episode Notes

Broker Brett and Neal Bloom break down how they got into startups, and Neal's inspiration to become an Angel investor, and there is some really cool news from Neal at the end of the episode! Brett and Neal also get into the concept of "Long SoCal," and riff on what it might look like for SoCal startups to work together more closely.

Neal Bloom helps run Fresh Brewed Tech out of San Diego, and Fresh Squeezed Tech in Orange County, both of which are great resources to stay up to date on their startup communities.  Neal also helps run startup investing syndicates, and facilitates startup Founder and CTO events throughout Southern California.

@tacosandtechpod is Neal's Podcast, where he always has great startup-related guests, and @NealBloom on Twitter is a great place to follow what he's up to.


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